DCS Bylaws

The Forming of the DeLorean Car Show Charter/Bylaws

In order to be given Non Profit and Tax exempt status we needed to follow some strict guidelines set forth by the IRS. In it's former form, DeLorean Car Show did not fit into the categories very well, so it was necessary for us to form a “club” in order to conform to that category and to be granted the related benefits. The rules are really quite simple and it allows us to use the simpler tax filing system. We are grateful for all the help the IRS gave us.

Below is the list of bylaws.  This is the legal sounding stuff that is required, but we think that it also provides a good idea of what we want - for DeLorean owners to be able to gather and have a good time.

The Bylaws:

  1. To put on a high quality car show that educates and brings awareness to the DeLorean Automobile for its historic value in the history of the automobile. This event will be the main event called DeLorean Car Show “___” where _____ is the location of the show I.E. DeLorean Car Show “Florida”.
  2. To provide a common goal of Fellowship and commingling by holding interesting and informative meetings and events at least 4 times a year to further the socializing of the membership.
  3. To provide an active membership committee to recruit new members
  4. Members must own a DeLorean
  5. Only members can enter the Judging portion of the Car Show.
  6. Events are open to members and their families.
  7. Members will be classified as either associate members or regular members.
  8. Only regular members can vote on issues.
  9. New members can be added at any time, with the number of regular members not to exceed 9. The number of regular members must be an odd number to prevent a tie in voting.
  10. Existing members with a majority rule must vote new regular members in.
  11. Officer positions will be assigned based on a vote with positions being created as the organization grows.
  12. To encourage personal contact between members including interaction with committees and officers.
  13. To work toward the common goal of preserving and educating owners in order to keep the interest in the DeLoreans going.
  14. To provide the best Technical Seminars, guest speakers and put on the best DeLorean Car Show Possible.
  15. To provide a good value to all the participants. A good value for a fair price.
  16. To keep all activities open to anyone who may wish to attend or join. Membership is limited to DeLorean owners only, but non-owners interested in joining may attend the show.
  17. To allow anyone who wishes to volunteer to be able to do so.
  18. To maintain a cash flow that does not require outside cash or donations and allows the DeLorean Car Show Inc. to be self-sufficient. (Except donated raffle items).
  19. To use the Incorporation of the DeLorean Car Show, Inc. as a means to Limit Personal Liability.
  20. To use the DeLorean Car Show, Inc. as a means to monitor the cash flow of the events.
  21. By-Laws may be changed by a majority vote of the regular members.
  22. An owner's spouse may be included as a regular member.

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