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Saturday, June 14, 2014 (Saturday Pass required)

9:00-12:00 Car Show Set up
Get your cars ready for the car show.  We will be under tents.

10:00-4:00 Car Show
Time to show off our dream cars, rain or shine!

10:00-4:00 Trade Show

1:00–4:00 Tech Seminars
Michael Conrad: "Digital Dash Engineering Notes"

Others to be announced. Stay tuned!

2:30-3:00 Fairfield High School Show Choir "Back to the Future" Production.

4:00 teardown for dinner

6:00-7:00 Dinner
Mike Substelney will again do his DeLorean Trivia so see how versed you are in knowing everything about Deloreans.  We will probably be showing some DeLorean movies and documentaries.

6:00-6:20 Video Bob
Video Bob will tell us about his upcoming TV show.

6:20-6:30 Bob Brandys
Bob will be talking to us about his DeLorean show in Las Vegas.

6:30-6:50 Craig Haglin

6:50-7:30 Bob Gale, Christopher Lloyd, Jeffrey Weissman, Claudia Wells, Donald Fullilove, Harry Waters Jr., and Andrew Probert
The cast and crew from everyone's favorite movie will be speaking about their experiences working on "Back to the Future".

7:30 -7:50 Special tribute to Cliff Schmucker
While the whole event is dedicated to Cliff we will take a moment here to remember Cliff.  If it were not for Cliff DCS would not have become what is was.  His help, guidance and support allowed me to do things I never would have accomplished without him.  Help me remember Cliff in a way only DeLorean owners can.

7:50-8:30 Raffle
This is when we will run our auction, raffle and announce the winner of the 2014 DeLorean raffle car!

8:30–8:50 Ken Koncelik 

Well it’s my turn to take the stage. There will be a lot if video and slides covering DCS.  Many of you new comers do not know why I chose to become involved with the show.  I believe there are only 14 people that can say they have been to all of the shows and my wife and I are two of them.  I will be going over a recap of all the shows and it’s been my pleasure to serve you all these years.  I will miss DCS so please be sure to come and allow me to thank you for your support over all these years.

8:50 The last thing I will do is turn over the reigns of DCS to Jason Sharkey. 


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